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Global Concepts is a proud supporter of the Texas Chapter of the Special Olympics.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and families in Sutherland Springs.

Kiddie Park, one of San Antonio’s most treasured landmarks, is the perfect way for children and adults to enjoy a nostalgic day of old-fashioned fun. Established in 1925, and renovated in 2009, Kiddie Park is the oldest children’s amusement park in the country! While modern updates have been made, the park has preserved it’s 1920’s style by maintaining all of the original rides. Guests can enjoy the park’s old-fashioned ferris wheel, famous hand-carved Herschell Spillman carousel, and other classic children’s rides that have made Kiddie Park an iconic San Antonio attraction for over 90 years! We are pleased to bring San Antonio’s iconic park back to life. You can always expect a clean, beautiful park that is fun and affordable for the e...

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Global Concepts is a Supporter of the Wounded Warrior project. Thank you for all you've done!

San Antonio Halloween: Bohanan's 219 E. Houston St. Employees in the building, which was built in the 1800s, claim to have heard strange noises, seen ghostly images and felt chills. One employee reported something pulled her hair

San Antonio Halloween: Menger Hotel 204 Alamo Plaza Employees and guests have reported dozens of ghost sightings at the hotel. Among the better known spirits are Sallie White, an 1870s chambermaid who was shot by her husband because he believed she was cheating on him. Employees have seen a black woman believed to be Sallie "in a uniform with an apron, a bandana wrapped around her hair and with her arms stretched out and full of fresh towels." Also said to haunt the hotel is Capt. Richard King, founder of the famed King Ranch, who died at the Menger, in the room now known as the King Suite. A ghost dressed in a bolo tie and black hat, said to be King, has been spotted several times, and the elevator in the original building is said to r...

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San Antonio Halloween: Frank 1150 S. Alamo St. Before Frank the restaurant moved in, the building was a Methodist church, the Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater and Casbeer's at the Church. It is said to be home to several ghosts, including an actress named Miss Margaret, who sometimes appears as a puff of smoke. A boy named Little Eddie, who's said to have died of polio at age 12, is also reported to haunt the building. Eddie's said to be a bit more mischievous: he enjoys levitating or moving objects and shoving people from behind.

San Antonio Halloween: The Alamo It has long been said that the defenders of the Alamo are still living in the walls of the historical landmark, given they were dumped in a mass grave after their violent deaths. Moans have been reported inside the building, and guests at the Menger claim to have been spirits emerging from the walls. One tale dates back to 1836. After Santa Anna surrendered to Gen. Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto, orders were sneaked back to the small Mexican force in San Antonio to destroy the Alamo. The men sent to level the building returned to their commander unsuccessful, reporting ghosts with swords of fire guarding the shrine


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